“Market Access of Medicines” refers to the process of gaining access to the market of pharmaceutical products and maintaining this access.

This challenging process requires in-depth advice and adequate guidance.

By developing innovative solutions based on a broad experience of 18 years, we can help you with the access for your medicine to the market, and of course, adapted to your needs and the medicines market.

Giving advice on

  • Elaborating an optimal access strategy for your medicine
  • Feasability analysis depending on the local market access situation
  • Development of risk sharing schemes and conditional reimbursement schemes
  • Compiling a market access plan for the start-up of a medicine
  • HTA & budget impact analysis
  • Legal requirements on reimbursement issues

Coordination and planning of

  • Mapping, contacting and involvement of different experts : medical, reimbursement , health authority, pharmaceutical, pricing, ….
  • Organizing pre-submission meetings, advisory boards, meetings with experts, …
  • Various European market access activities
  • Market access plan for the start-up of a medicine
  • Trainings in Market Access topics

Compilation reimbursement file

  • Writing the price & reimbursement dossier in accordance with Belgian legal requirements
  • Elaborating health economic & budget impact analysis
  • Development of adequate reimbursement conditions depending from the products’ characteristics and clinical value
  • Follow-up of the dossier in accordance with the Belgian reimbursement procedure and providing feedback during the procedure